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Corkies (cork-magnets) by BUNCEandBEAN
Corkies (cork-magnets) by BUNCEandBEAN
Corkies (cork-magnets) by BUNCEandBEAN
Corkies (cork-magnets) by BUNCEandBEAN
Corkies (cork-magnets) by BUNCEandBEAN
corkies are cork magnets seen displaying enamel pins on a magnetic board covered in a wizarding map

Corkies (cork-magnets) by BUNCEandBEAN

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* 5, 12, 20, or 50 Corkies: cork-magnets 
* Invented by BUNCEandBEAN  
* Always hand-fashioned in the US
* Approximately 1/2" tall and wide
* Transforms any magnetic surface into a pinboard!

** we work really hard to makes sure nothing is ever out of stock, that it's always accessible to you. This time covid got the better of us, we placed the orders last year and with over 40,000 sold, we literally had no cork until September. Now that the first batch has arrived, it's all hands on deck to make fresh batches of Corkies (always done by hand!). Until then, I hope you can bear with us, we are working as hard as we can to get Corkies back in stock.

We can combine orders, please reach out if you'd like your orders to all ship when the Corkies are back in stock!


Display your pin collection & rearrange as your collection grows. Corkies are the keepers of the pins: charming when they peek behind smaller pins, but cunning enough to stay hidden with the everyday pin.

Fear not the ugly fabric holes or crumbling corkboards of yesteryear, they are but a thing of the past. Finally a magnet truly WORTHY of your magical memories!

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