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Great Hall during Halloween Feast at Castle Bunce. Preorder preview of spiderweb window, floating pumpkins and candle, with lollipops, pumpkin juice, bone candy, sprinkle candy corns, potatoes, pies, and sugar-coated worms on a wooden table make up the feast.
Castle Bunce The Great Halloween Feast
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Castle Bunce The Great Halloween Feast

Castle Bunce The Great Halloween Feast

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We've always dreamed of attending a Halloween Feast, and now you can with the best Hall-oween Feast Castle Bunce pin ever created, ever.

* PRE-ORDER - arriving early October
* 1.8" enamel pin with metal clasp backings (2 for stability)
* polished dark nickel finish
* do not eat the candied worms or candy corn mountains
* BUNCEandBEAN card backing
* BUNCEandBEAN corkies included!

Carefully designed with expansion in mind, just place next to your other puzzle pieces to begin your own journey with an ever-growing and changing Castle Bunce Map!

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